St Francis Community Church is a non-denominational church for the people of Headley Down and the surrounding area.

Everyone is welcome on a Sunday morning when we can spend time worshipping together and discovering how our faith is relevant in our day to day lives.

We celebrate the unity of Bible-believing Christians who recognise the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, holding Christ on the inside and showing His love for all in the community in everything that we do.

We are a friendly group of people welcoming of residents and visitors alike and enjoying fellowship with one another and sharing our faith.

A loop system is installed for the hearing impaired.

Children are welcome to all services, toys and books are available at all times. Junior church is provided at every service apart from the Big Breakfast, which is a service for all ages when families and friends can enjoy the time together.

Our services are led by a ministry team, which includes our current Chaplains, Rev David Muskett and Rev Marion Warren and our Pastoral Assistants Martin Firman and John Russell.

We invite you to visit and to ‘come and see’ and we look forward to meeting you in person!