Welcome to the website for St Francis Community Church on Headley Down.

We are in unprecedented times and it has meant that as a church we have needed to think creatively about how we can serve our community of Headley Down, How we stay connected with people and how, if possible, we conduct our gatherings.

For the time being we have made it a priority to continue as best we can, to serve those folk who need to access our Food Bank. 

If you know anyone, who is vulnerable, who might need help in some way, please get in touch with Pauline Firman – paulinestfrancis@aol.com 01428 714095  

We are currently having our services and other meetings online.  We will also post other links and content to some of our favourite sites where you can find spiritual “food and drink”

Please pop back to this site from time to time. As we have all experienced in the previous months, situations change quickly.

Stay safe! Wash hands and remember “God is good, all of the time.”

With Christ you are never isolated

John Russell (Pastoral Leadership Team)

St Francis Community Church

Weekly Bulletin

St Francis Community Church, Eddeys Lane, Headley Down, GU35 8HU
Registered Charity No: 1095819